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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Rossi I'm now 16 and still working on the lighting.
I like to do a lot of things, but living on Point Roberts
it's hard to do any of them.

I like to go scuba diving, but none of my friends have a
licance so I only do it for hire.

I love lighting (concert lighting)call me weird but
it's the one thing I am good at.i would love to start a store in bellingham
but it would cost to much.

I also have a lot of skills (typeing is not one of them)

video editing
post production
etching glass
printing teeshirts
wireing houses
wireing boats
sound engineer
it goes on and on

   						  MY CAR         some day

I love 

walking on the beach and watching the sun set

going horse back riding

chating on the internet

making videos

staying up late 

watching videos