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calculator/alarm watch 9.99 order #10005
mens water resistant LCD sports watch 9.99 order #27357
digital sports stop-watch 5.99
lady's two tone quartz gold case watch 50.00 order #23914
men's two tone quartz gold case watch 50.00 order #23915

As Seen on T.V. SALE

luxury back massage system that you can take anywere
five massage motors target neck,shoulders,back,hips and thighs
AC adapter, car cigarettelighter adaper,and multi function hand held
power control included.reg.109.99 now just  85.00 order #27042

A deep, penetrating Japanese shiatsu massage is at your finger tips 
with this, Pressure balls dig in for relief of muscular aches and pains
reg 69.95 now just 55.99 order#27039

Give your aching feet a treat!Electric foot massager is ready to go to work.
reg 79,95 now just 68.00  order#27043

Clean up spills the fast effortless way with the super magic mop!
wring out the wet with the twist of the wrist reg. 29.95 now just 17.50 order#10032

Handy Intelli-charger can extend the life of your ordinary 
household AAA,AA,C,D batteries up to 20 times and
more by recharging them. save money and the environment!
 reg. 59.95 now just 48.00 order#27046

Luxurios body massager fold for storage and travel convenience. 
Features four function settings. Uses 2 D batteries (not included)
reg.14.95 now just 9.99 order#24869

The original Veg-O-Matic! A multi-purpose food cutter that will slice and dice fruit
and vegetables quickly and easily, easy to use and simple clean-up too!
reg.32.95 now just 26.45 order #27038


Vette racing set. include 2 cars with head light, 2 hand controls,battery case,power track
lap counter,figure 8 track set up. Uses 4 d batteries reg. 39.95 now just 29.95 order#3975

Set your mental wheels in motion by configuring the coolest way to send marbles down
ramps and tunnels For kids 5 to one hundred and five reg.22.95 now just 18.95 order # 27048

executive size deluxe billiard set includes felt covered table,two 36"cue sticks,plastic triangle ball frame 
brush, 16 heavy-weight poly billard balls and 2 chalks 36"x20"  reg. 195.34 now just 165.00 order #21163

Microscope set includes 20x eyepiece, view screen, magnifying glass, slides, covers,
vials, scalpel, dissecting needle, tweezers,4 color rotating filter, syringe and manual.
34 piece set reg. 42.95 now only 29.95 order#3973

Telescope with tripod and finder scope. powerful 45x 40mm lens 
measures almost 2 feet in length reg. 39.95 now only 29.95 order#3974


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