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People have been here,since feb/22/99 and if all goes well will be future customers:)


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updated 1/12/01 Coming soon full color photo decals

Custom Cut Letters has been serving the modeling comunity since 1998. I work hard to create only first quality decals for your models. I understand that many hours of work go into your pride and joy and therefore we use high quality vinyl. The product we use is a 2 mil cast vinyl film that is coated with an aggressive, permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. This vinyl has an 7-year exterior performance guarantee. It's impervious to most elemints including fuel. Being 2 mil thick, about the thickness of a coat of paint, this vinyl is very plyable. Its ability to conform to just about any curve will please the most demanding modeler. Your design is transferred from the paper backing the vinyl is manufactured on to your model with the use of transfer tape. This tape holds your design in place, maintaining critical spacing. Weather you want 1 decal or 1000 they are all cut with the same precision and accuracy. This dedication to detail is what your model deserves. To place an order go to the order page and follow the simple steps

Thank you for your order.